Do you want Real-World Tech and Business Advice?

I am a Technology and Business consultant with over 20 years of experience. Well versed in leadership, technology and business strategy.

Business Strategy

Helping you focus on and assist with the long-term vision of your company. Will help you see the bigger picture, and to identify ways in which to increase the company's overall profitability and competitiveness.

Technology Advisory

I offer vCIO services for small companies and startups that do not have a full-time Technology Director. This will ensure that your technology decisions are cost-effective and advised by experts in the field.

Software Design

Developing technology solutions ranging from front-end to back-end engineering systems. Infrastructure design to achieve compromise between functionality, security and cost effectiveness.

Life Coaching

We should all have a mentor to help us seize opportunities and handle life challenges. I have personally helped several people forge their path to success by equipping them with the right tools.

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